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Kathrinm/fotkleather belt

Alex is working when Maggy enters his office. She tells him that Kathrin has not been to school. So Alex phones Kathrin - and orders her to come home right away. It is clear that Kathrin is going to receive a severe spanking for this incident. However, Alex is too busy to spank her himself, so he orders Maggy to do the spanking instead. Maggy doesn't like the idea of spanking her friend, so the two girls work out a clever plan to deceive Alex. Maggy claps her hands - making it sound like she is hand spanking Kathrin's bare bottom - and Kathrin pretends to cry. Unfortunately, their clever plan falls apart when Alex finds out - he asks to see Kathrin's well spanked bottom and of course there are no marks to be seen at all. He is furious that the two friends had tried to deceive him, so he puts Kathrin over his knee and gives her a real spanking " first with his hand then he removes his leather belt from its loops and uses it on her bare bottom.

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